Ultrasound examinations in your home

Abdominal pain

Suspicion of lump or bump

Pain in the joints or limbs

Sensitivity in the neck, swelling of the glands

Thyroid overview

Prevention of aneurysm

Discomfort in the groin or testicles

Fast and convenient service ( we reach you in the comfort of your own home).

Make a quick appointment.

Quick deciphering.

Can’t get to the emergency room?

Have a disability or handicap?

Professional staff that include a senior doctor and a specialist technician.

Affordable price relative to competitors.

Do you have private health insurance?

If you have private health insurance, and you are found suitable, you can sometimes get up to 80 percent reimbursement from the insurance company. Check your eligibility for reimbursement with your insurance agent

Most insurance policies cover one of the following services:

Ultrasound examinations

Expert advice

Medical advice

Medicine at home

About us

Home UltraMedical was established in order to make available to the public   various types of ultrasound examinations and to enable to receive professional reliable examinations even without the need to leave the house, and at affordable prices in relation to the competitors, examination.

The company has state-of-the-art technological equipment, experienced medical staff consisting of senior doctors and specialist radiologists).)

All these and more allow us to give you the best examinations, with professional and fast deciphering and all this while maintaining high standards and comfort within your home.

Our vision is to enable the whole community to get the best and fastest examinations up to their home or wherever you choose.

In many cases it is very difficult to leave the house for an ultrasound examination or alternatively it is very difficult to make appointments for a private ultrasound examination with deciphering  (due to heavy workload in hospitals and clinics) so we are here for you, feel free to check us out and get a quick ultrasound examination.


Our Ultrasound examinations

We provide A variety of private ultrasound examinations:

Upper abdominal ultrasound – pain or swelling in the abdomen. Review of organs. Evaluation of enlarged or fatty liver. Pancreas, spleen size, biliary tract including gallbladder. Pain Stones or polyps in the gallbladder. Evaluation of kidneys

Kidney and urinary tract ultrasound (bladder and prostate) – pain in the waist or lower abdomen, suspicion of kidney and bladder stones, urgency in urination, blood in the urine, enlarged prostate and difficulty urinating.

Ultrasound of abdominal aneurysm – early screening to diagnose aneurysm (aorta) – general assessment of the aorta and denial of dilation or aneurysm.

Ultrasound of the neck and thyroid gland – clarification of the structure and texture of the thyroid gland. Examination of the presence of nodules or lumps in the gland, it is clear about the presence of enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.

Testicular ultrasound – assessment of the size and texture of the testicles, denial of inflammation, lumps, increased fluid or dilated veins.

Ultrasound orthopedics and joints – examination for pain or bruises and falls. denial of tears or inflammation in the various organs (shoulder, ankle, elbow, knee, hip, hip joints

Crotch ultrasound – assessment of the groin regarding pain or swelling, hernia (hernia, kila), enlarged lymph nodes.

Ultrasound of soft tissues and lumps – evaluation of lumps and swelling in the various organs, examination of whether a lump is fatty? A cyst? inflammation? or other

Questions and Answers

Who is a private ultrasound examination suitable for?

In general the examinations are suitable for almost everyone. Also for people with disabilities who have difficulty leaving the house and also for healthy people who do not want to wait in long queues and want a convenient and quick examination that includes a doctor’s decipherment

* The tests are not suitable for examining the condition of pregnancy, gynecology and infants.

 Is it necessary to have a doctor’s reference?

No – there is no need to have a doctor’s reference. Ultrasound examinations are safe, without the use of radiation and without danger. Therefore they do not require special approval.

Do you get a refund from the insurance companies?

If your insurance policy is suitable, it will be possible to get a refund from the insurance company and sometimes up to 80 percent refund. To find out if you deserve a refund, it is recommended that you check with your agent or insurance company.

 Is it possible to perform the examination through the Health service (kupat holim) or do the health service participate in the cost of the examination?

No. Currently, the health service does not participate in the cost of the test, but if you are insured with private health insurance, you may be entitled to a refund and sometimes up to 80 percent. It is advisable to check with your insurance company.


HOME-ULTRAMEDICAL Private home ultrasound services

For you, for the security and peace of yourself, of your parents and children.


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